Can Google+ Become a Powerful Social Network?

Just like Microsoft, Google has deep pockets. But these deep pockets alone cannot make people want your service. It wasn’t long ago when Google introduced the “WAVE” which after a few months washed away. And remember when Microsoft had its search engine that just didn’t cut it. Then they got smart and re-structured their search to be the new “Bing”. With smarter marketing, publicity and knowing how to position themselves (rather than wanting to be something for everyone), Bing is slowly creeping into the Google territory taking away market share.

It doesn’t mean that Google+ will fail. What needs to be done is better street marketing. Google is good at keeping a pulse on their market, but are those who have been Facebook fans willing to change, or add another social network? Time will tell. And this time Google needs to watch closely before dumping another project, or becoming bored with it.

A recent article in WebPro News gives readers a chance to better understand how the writer, Chris Crum views the 10 obstacles Google needs to overcome in order to be a powerful social network. Many of his points are valid.

So ask yourself, do you have extra time to now add Google+ to your other networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and the many others that exist. Especially now that MySpace is trying to make a comeback. Is this market getting overcrowded–maybe. But as we have seen in the last 20 months, new and different ways to communicate are developing. Who knows, in the next 6 months all of these social networks may be old news and something more unique will connect us in an easier manner.

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