How to Get Top Ranking on Google with Your Business Web Site

The words “optimize”, “keywords”, “key phrases” and “Title Pages” are used all the time by Search Engine Specialists, and Search Engine Optimization companies. But what does all this do? Not much. Ok, it will help a little, but this alone isn’t going to get your site highly ranked, or found on the first page of Google.

SEO Rankings are Changing

What is the secret? You need a good pr marketing strategy.
It’s something that most SEO companies won’t admit, or tell you, because they want you to pay for their optimizing service. And when they complete all these great things I mentioned, they’re gone!

Let me give you the truth behind high rankings, on all the search engines. As you may know, Google changed their methods of rankings as did Yahoo and Bing. It now requires fresh content. As previous years before, “content is still king.” Another secret is inbound links.

Use these tips to keep content fresh:
1- Web site pages.
Every 60 to 90 days update the text on your web site. No need to re-write all the text, just do about 30% so the search engines see new content. Remember to re-register the site with directories and seo’s every 4 months.
2- Social media.
This is one of the most critical methods to get fresh content and “inbound links”. If you do not have a social media program, start one. A strong pr marketing strategy is to have a solid social media campaign. This should include a blog site, twitter account and a business Facebook page. Don’t create any of these if you are not serious about maintaining them. Otherwise it will just hurt your business site.

These are just two methods. I’ll pass along others in another post. Or you can contact me if you want more information on how to get started immediately.

In today’s fast pace world of communication, you need to be proactive, and to do this you need to surround yourself with those who are knowledgeable about social marketing. Give Carson Marketing, Inc. a call when you are ready to get ahead of your competition. Call George at 949-477-9400. He’s ready to help your company get noticed and increase revenue.