Social Media for B2B: How to make social media successful

When you ask a friend if they use social media, they first think of Facebook, or Twitter. Ask if they use these social media for business and the answer is “no.”

Social meida-penguinsNow if you ask a business owner, such as a pr client, what is social media, they will answer, “people who use Facebook and Twitter to gossip about their lives.” Is that what social media is to you? Is there something wrong here? Yes, businesses still have not learned how to ride this powerful media wave to their advantage. B2B are very slow in accepting that social media can become their best source for increased revenue. If social media is not part of your publicity campaign, then it’s time to re-think your plan.

You already know about Linkedin. But did you know this is one of the best forms of social media for any business. So are Google+ and Twitter. Facebook is slowly becoming a business source and that is affecting Facebook’s core customers, individuals. Many people have moved on to other social media, like Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare and a host of others. PR clients can really benefit from a well-planned social media

I saw an article by Amber Mac who identified 5 simple tips for B2B to become successful using social media. Amber’s tips:

1-  Invest in a strategic plan. Have an objective, goals laid out before taking the social leap. And be consistent, this is a Mon-Fri assignment, not a on- shot project assignment.

2-  Build the right team. It is necessary to have reliable people, or person do the postings. They should know your overall plan to be effective.

3-  Select the right tools. This is where you need to learn about Linkedin and how to make the best of it. Also, look into Instrgram, which can be a plus for your business. And Google+ will help increase your rankings and visibility.

4-  Include content marketing. These are blogs, photos, videos and other content to educate your potential customer.

5-  Embrace partner amplification. Whether your partner is an outside vendor, or internal staff, engage in their social media. Share posts, photos, leave comments.

Keep in mind that social media is a digital form of face-to-face conversations. Done correctly you can take advantage of using these large networks to increase visibility, increase customers, and increase profits. The tips mentioned above can be applied to any social media.

Use these 4 guidelines to target prospects:

• Current and intended customers. Know the company types, and specific names.

• Job titles are important. Be sure you know all the variations such as “VP”, and vice-president.

• Industries. Know what industries you want to approach. Don’t go after too many, target only two in the beginning, then expand your target.

• Know the location you want to reach. Meaning, local, national, or international.

As I mentioned earlier, Linkedin should be on top of your business social media list. Once you master that network, the other social media will be much easier to implement a campaign. If you need help in creating a social media campaign, give George Carson a call at 949-477-9400.