Publicity Goes Nuts

Publicity is Everywhere series

You can find publicity everywhere, just read the daily papers. I saw an article about the NUT GROWERS ASSOCIATION in a legal battle about the farmers wanting to opt-out of paying into the California Pistachio Commission fund for advertising.

This is publicity on the wacky side. Maybe not for the nut growers, but believe me, when this stuff gets publicity, why can’t your company?

That’s why it is more critical now that you develop a publicity plan, better yet your overall advertising and marketing plan should include publicity.

If you are not sure how to write a plan, then seek some professional help. The money you spend will be a wise investment.

When you finally get that plan together, have a schedule of press releases and articles to submit for publishing. It is this coordinated effort with your advertising that will generate a positive image and help build your brand.

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