B2B Web Marketing with Publicity Marketing

You can surf the web all day and find article after article about B2B web marketing. Only a few will explain how to combine that with the power of your publicity marketing campaign.web marketing

Let me give you some of that inside scoop.


B2B web marketing needs to begin within the “core” structure of a company’s web site. As shown in this simplified illustration, a pr clients web site is the starting point. Now lets see how each phase works:


From there you build outward to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I have spoken about this many times. This consists of keyword research, meta tag and content, link building. It was said that over 75% of clicks are ORGANIC searches, not paid links. So you see how important this phase is. Hang on, were getting to publicity.


Then comes the SEM (Search Engine Marketing). As powerful as Google is with it’s AdWords campaign, you should also consider using Yahoo Search Marketing as part of this SEM.


The heart of most B2B web marketing sites. Although we all want to be world wide, you should use local networking to build your B2B web site. There are local marketing tools like Marchex Adhere to help start your local campaign. Ok, here is where you begin to include local publicity.


This should now be the emphasis of your pr clients campaign. A solid local and national publicity campaign should include press releases, articles in various media, and seminars. That’s only part of it. Be sure you research the online media. These will include social networks, as well as online media news outlets.


Not too far behind your publicity campaign should be an email marketing strategy campaign. There are two main methods: eNewsletter and email blasts. The eNewsletter should be listed on your B2B web site for customers to sign up to receive them. The email blast, although can be costly, should be used when targeting a specific market or industry group.

Ok, I don’t expect any pr client, or pr agency to handle this type of B2B marketing, but some of them do try and fail. If you need a professional publicity agency that knows this stuff, call George Carson at 949-477-9400.We have been helping B2B companies grow through unconventional marketing techniques. Let us get you noticed.

Can corporate blogging increase your publicity awareness?

If you need to ask this question, then your publicity campaign must need help. The answer is a simple, YES, corporate blogs can help improve and increase awareness.

I have mentioned how blogging is more than a place for people to vent, or comment about what they like, their lives and hobbies. It has become part of the mainstream businessbusiness blog site cycle, which should be included into your publicity plan, or marketing plan. All publicity professionals and most pr clients understand that awareness is what makes or breaks a company. So why not get in control? With a corporate blog site, you and your publicity professional, or in-house pr staff can now control what is said about the company. When a blog site is part of your PR Marketing Strategy, it will further create a solid branding for your company, or PR Client.

An article in the Washington Post by Sarah Halzack discusses the corporate world is getting into blogging. I have said this many times before, and again we are seeing more of the mainstream media addressing this topic.

So why should a company, or PR Client want a blog site?

There are many reasons, but before you make the plunge, see if a blog site is going to help or benefit your company. Not everyone needs it, but most pr clients will benefit.

• A blog will allow executives in a company become more visible and voice the concerns that customers are having

• By addressing customer issues you gain control on harmful rumors that could spread and cause a decline in business

• It is a smart marketing strategy and a vehicle to introduce customers to new products

• It can attract good employees by becoming more visible

These are just a few reasons to have a corporate business blog site. When designing a blog site it needs to be different from your company’s web site. In addition, you need to have someone dedicated to maintain the blogs on a daily or weekly basis at the least. Keeping the blog site active shows the company is interested in informing customers about them and adds credibility to their brand.

If your company needs a blog site, or writers to maintain your site, give George Carson at Carson Marketing, Inc a call: 949-477-9400. He can get you noticed quickly!

Publicity Professionals secret to “Identifying Publicity Ideas” in your company.

If you are a pr client, and want to improve how to get more free publicity for your company, let me tell you a few trade secrets on how you can do this.

If you are a local publicity professional, like an Orange County publicity agency,publicity secrets or a Los Angeles publicity company, this could be a good refresher lesson for you as well. Let’s look at what your pr agency, or your in-house publicity department might be doing. Then I will point out suggestions to improve your chances to gain more free press. Has your publicity campaign consisted of this?

After sending our a dozen or more press releases about new employees being hired, you see very little lineage in the press

You submit articles to the media, but find the reporters do not return your calls, or emails about them and the article is never published.

You read the local papers (like the Orange County Business Journal, or The Tribune) only to keep seeing your competitors get all the ink coverage, and not your company.

I’m sure as a pr client, this may have happened to your publicity campaign, more than once. And if you are a publicity professional and see this happening, then re-evalute your writing and research. What are the answers to making this right, to get more publicity? If you are not going to hire a good local publicity agency, like CarsonPR.com, then try these simple tasks and maybe you will finally get noticed. Or you can go to the 101 public relations site to learn more.

1- Ask yourself a few important questions. Such as, are the press releases interesting only to you, or does it really have any story angles that relate to a publications audience. Another example, if your company does something of interest to help customers, or the community, then that is newsworthy to local media. One idea would be to promote through an article or press release that your web site offers free newsletters or coupons to help customers be more informative in saving money.

2- If you want local media attention, turn the story into how it affects the local area. Interview customers in a specific area, or local retailers on how your company has helped, or improved their business.

3- Create a news event. Especially today with high costs of fuel, and food, maybe do something to make a person’s money go further. Can’t think of anything, then give George Carson a call. He has a lot of creative suggestions to get your company noticed.

4- Another suggestions is to look at trends. Can your company, or services ride that wave? Social media and networking are hot, look into your company to see how it can be more proactive to this new technology.

Overall, there are lots of ways a publicity professional will do an overview of how to modify a press release to be more interesting to the media. If your in-house publicity department can’t find a way, maybe they have become too “corporate” and can no longer think outside of the company’s corporate culture.

If these few tips can get your publicity campaign off the ground, I’m glad. If these sound like common sense, then why aren’t you doing them. When you need a local publicity professional, give us a call at 949-477-9400. We at Carson Marketing, Inc know how to get noticed, we have been doing it since 1980.

Making a Story Pitch Takes Talent

How do you start the conversation?

publicity is like sellingProfessional publicity people know how to contact the media, know how to start a conversation and probably know what angle to present to the reporter. But do they really? Chances are these top publicity people get through the clutter by knowing the media on a personal basis. I don’t mean they go drinking together (or maybe they do), I mean they have built a long-term business relationship making it easier to contact them.

For the other pr firms and pr individuals, who make up about 75% of the publicity world, think about how you can improve your pitch to a reporter or publisher and get that article or press release published.

It’s all in the sales effort. Notice how different sales people get through and those who just never seem to. That’s because they have taught themselves over the years the fine art of salesmanship (or saleswomen ship).

I know of a great person who has taught thousands of people the art of "opening doors". You may have heard of Ari Galper. He has a web site called www.UnlockTheGame.com.

I am not trying to sell you on him. And I am not getting any commissions either. I know that he has a clear understanding how to get into meeting with people, usually by phone. But it just isn’t the sales tools that he teaches. If you apply what he explains to your publicity activities, you will be a better individual and in the long run it will help your pr clients as well as yourself.

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