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The new age in Branding is Sonic Branding

It is another new term that is getting the buzz these days. Sonic Branding is the next level of branding for a company’s image.

I have written about building your brand image several times. Now it is time to look at Sonic Branding and how to make it work with publicity and pr clients.

First, what is Sonic Branding? It is the use of sound that works with your branded image, logo, or tag line.

If you have listen to any commercial from Intel, or a manufacturer that uses Intel products, then you heard the chimes of the Intel brand. That’s Sonic Branding.

About two months ago there was an article in Brandweek that spoke about this new branding campaign. Get the full story by reading about it.

Not all companies can benefit from this type of branding. Obliviously you need to be doing some broadcast advertising, or have a podcast site, or maybe you can use it on your voicemail (I highly NOT recommend that idea).

If you can do Sonic Branding, then make sure your publicity campaign or publicity agency uses this new technology  (branding) in the overall program.

A press release alone isn’t going to get much attention. But consider putting the sonic branded message in your email to the press. Or do an announcement using a greeting card idea that has jingles in it. You can purchase these custom cards offshore and it could be the start of making your public relations program get a jump-start.

No matter what you do, keep in mind that building a brand cannot be accomplished overnight. It requires constant implementation and use of the branded image in all your communications.

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