How to easily optimize your web site

Yeah, this is a topic that seems to appear everywhere, from local orange county publicity sites to national web marketers. But it still needs to be repeated, even if you only do one of these important rules to keep your web site optimized and search engine friendly, you will be ahead of the competition.

You can find a lot of information about SEO optimization on the web. If you do a search in Google for the words “seo optimization” you get over 6 million searches. Too many to read, and which ones do you choose? You can’t seo optimizingonly select the top 5 or 8 searches, because most of those only give a definition of seo’s. Well, I’ll make this simple and easy enough for any local publicity agency or even a novice web designer to do.

It’s no secret but here are the basic rules to keeping the web site fresh and seo friendly:

1- Keyword and keyphrases. Although many web marketers might dispute the fact that keywords and keyphrases may not be the pr marketing strategy to use, it still holds a lot of attention for seo’s and their methods of rankings. To keep your keywords and phrases current, you need to do some research. It is necessary to find what are the most requested terms/words for your specific industry and place them into your meta keyword/phrases. But do not overload or stuff your keyword, meaning do not put more than 12 to 15. This is what I recommend. Otherwise the seo’s will move you down the rankings.

2. Page titles. Very, very important. Do this correctly and it will pay off. Each title should be different for each page, and include the keywords you use. The best way to understand using titles is to think of yourself looking through books at a library. If the title helps you to stop and look deeper into that book because it relates to what you age looking for, then that’s how the titles work in your web site for the search engines.

3. Meta description. Similar to your page titles, these help the seo’s provide the description to your listings. Each page of your site should have its own meta description. Keep in mind to not have the description be more than 155 words. This is one of the areas that you can control since the seo’s will grab your descriptions for the listings.

4. Keeping the site fresh. You should make it a point to refresh the site every 3 or 4 months. Not change the site, but modify the text, refresh the keywords, and re-visit how the elements are positioned on the site. Then after doing this, re-submit the site to all the seo’s and directories.

There are many other things that will help keep your site listed and ranked high, for example these would be: a) blogging, b) publicity releases, c) articles published, d) RSS feeds, e) social networking, f)  have an on-going pr marketing strategy plan to assure the site meets it’s goals, just to list a few.

There are over a billion sites/pages and millions added everyday. If you do not have an on-going web marketing plan, then it’s time to implement one. Do you need professional help that is affordable? Give George Carson a call at 949-477-9400. Carson Marketing, Inc has been helping pr clients with their web marketing needs for over 10 years.

How To Market eCommerce Web Sites

web marketing and pr marketing strategiesAfter your company has developed an eCommerce web site, you now need to attract people. Not an easy task. You probably learned the hard way, the web company you contracted doesn’t do optimizing, or web marketing. And you spent all the budget to get a great looking site. Or worse yet, you hired what you thought was a pr marketing strategy agency to do the web marketing and that turned out to be a failure. A lot of traffic, but no conversions to sales isn’t what you need.

So what do you do now? First you need to understand what web marketing and pr marketing strategies are all about.

Let’s define web traffic. This is the amount of visitors to your web site and the pages they visited. It also refers to the amount of data that visitor received from your site. You need to make sure you get reports to review the specific pages visitors viewed and how long they visited each page.

Many pr clients and web marketers get confused with “hits” and “visits”. Hits are those times people will view your site, but may move on quickly because they came upon your site by accident, or were surfing and found the site, but did not stay. This is also how you are charged when you “buy keywords” from Google, or Yahoo. They don’t care if the person clicked on your ad and didn’t buy or stay. They got paid because of the “click rate”. Don’t misunderstand these types of visitors.

Learn how to measure the visitors. For example, a) the number of page views for each visitor, b) duration of the visit, c) duration of page viewed, d) most viewed pages by the visitors and e) the source of links that lead them to your site.

Develop a solid pr marketing strategy for you eCommerce site. Here are a few tips to improve your web traffic. It should include links to and from your web site. Create promotional programs as well. Establish a newsletter for visitors to register. This can build a database of potential customers.

If you need help with any of these areas, of want to discuss your eCommerce needs, give us a call. We’re ready to help your company grow.