Are You Optimizing Your Email Campaign?

When creating a pr marketing strategy for an email campaign, you want to make sure it is delivered. That can be a problem if you are not using proper email best business practices.

No matter the type of email campaign, or the size of your list, you should follow the best business practices and campaigns One tip is to earn the trust of the ISP’s. Why? Think of your own in box, or junk mail. If your ISP let all mail through, you would probably receive hundreds more of junk mail a day. Internet Service providers protect their customers from spam, or junk by providing standard protocols and policies that block unsolicited bulk mail. Wouldn’t that be great if our Post Office had a similar program? I would like that!

Ok, back to getting optimized email campaigns. To make sure your list is valid, follow these few rules:

Have relevant lists

Make sure your recipients are allowing your messages

Have a professional email that is well-designed

Be sure to use email authentication

These are the basis of getting your pr marketing strategy campaign to be professional. If you need to know how to get authentication, then check out Sender Policy Framework (SPF). If you have specific questions about the basics, or doing a roll-out email campaign, check out the FAQ here. Remember, potential customers are just like you, no one wants to be hammered with hundreds of junk email, so make sure your message is something customers would like to know more about. Email marketing builds or destroys a company’s reputation. Read my blog that talks about “email reputation” to learn more.