How to Create a Superbrand

Unless you have the time and the millions of dollars to spend, it is not overnight success that builds a brand to become a superbrand. When you hear or see the logos for Starbuck’s, and companies like Google, or exotic cars like Lamborghini you immediately have an image in your mind. So how didSuperbrands these names get so big in recognition? Like I said, it wasn’t overnight. These PR Clients built their names over time. Each of them started out with small pr marketing strategy and publicity campaign. As the companies grew, they created identity campaigns, targeting their specific audiences.

Different methods of advertising and marketing are applied to become a superbrand. This can include local publicity, direct mailers, Internet marketing through YouTube, social networks, even word-of-mouth. All of these pr marketing strategies will work, but only few names become “super”. Just like an athlete, or a rock star, you may have heard of them, but only a few standout when you think of a sport, or a rock band.

Brandweek magazine publishes yearly the Superbrands issue. This year one article discusses what makes a brand super. The writer says Brandweek uses a score method to decide which are superbrands. The scoring is based on comparisons. Although a complex method is used, some of the stats used are the amounts of money each spends on advertising and marketing. This in turn creates awareness and builds an identity. The writer also explains that doing this is why you say to yourself, “I really shouldn’t be spending $4 on coffee, but…”or “I know the Dell notebook is $500 cheaper, but…” These examples tell us that when you say this to yourself, you then have identified a superbrand. When a PR Client reaches this status, it then requires a lot to maintain that position.

Branding sells more than the name but a lifestyle. It is how we want to be perceived by our peers. If you drive a BMW or a VW bug, those around you perceive you differently. This applies to how and what you wear. Fashion has been how we brand ourselves. It is through the “branded names” we buy that helps us to become a specific brand in the minds of those who sees us.

When you want to build a brand, then you need a plan. PR Clients who become successful start with a pr marketing strategy. This marketing plan is the roadmap that will get your name to become super. Oh, one more thing, you need a budget to get there. So be prepared before planning your company’s future.