Marketing Discovers PR, Finally!

After writing my blog this  morning on "PR is a Team Effort", I saw another article that talked about "Who Owns Internal Communications…Marketing?".

I thought this was ironic, because as I had said a few days ago, Marketing is and should be part of Publicity.

Publicity is always part of our business and personal lives. So why is it a surprise to me when I see these articles? Because, I can’t believe that after all these years, people in our industry are finally waking up to what publicity is all about. It’s about everything!

I happened to find this article at the Hill & Knowlton blog site. David Ferrabee wrote the blog. Well, all I can say "I’m glad that more people are realizing the power of PR and where to find it". It just seems odd that our own industry works separately (pr from marketing, from creative, etc) when in fact they should all work as a Team. Hey, wasn’t that the subject of today’s earlier blog by me? Yes, it was!

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