Marketing Discovers PR, Finally!

After writing my blog this  morning on "PR is a Team Effort", I saw another article that talked about "Who Owns Internal Communications…Marketing?".

I thought this was ironic, because as I had said a few days ago, Marketing is and should be part of Publicity.

Publicity is always part of our business and personal lives. So why is it a surprise to me when I see these articles? Because, I can’t believe that after all these years, people in our industry are finally waking up to what publicity is all about. It’s about everything!

I happened to find this article at the Hill & Knowlton blog site. David Ferrabee wrote the blog. Well, all I can say "I’m glad that more people are realizing the power of PR and where to find it". It just seems odd that our own industry works separately (pr from marketing, from creative, etc) when in fact they should all work as a Team. Hey, wasn’t that the subject of today’s earlier blog by me? Yes, it was!

PR Is A Team Effort

I was reading an article by Robert Kelly and he pointed out that PR sometimes doesn’t show as much in return as does the brochures a company produces.

Part of the problem that Mr. Kelly points out is that PR is a team effort. I agree with this. Too often companies ask a PR or Advertising company to put together a campaign. What typically happens, the company doesn’t implement the campaign elements into their own organization.

How can you then expect a campaign, or program to become successful if the company doesn’t have its employees support the campaign elements.

Pubicity needs to start within a company. A team effort is just that. Everyone working towards that same goal. Both the company and the PR or Advertising Agency that was hired must all act upon the same goals set forth.

This may seem very elementary, but it is a problem that does exist. Companies and PR firms are too often pointing fingers at each other when the campaign isn’t working. What should happen is a careful monitoring of the campaign with constant communications between both parties.

This will create a successful partnership and campaign when everyone works together.