Publicity as Inserts

Publicity is everywhere

Time to get back to my theory that "publicity is everywhere’.

I read a good study that talks about the influence inserts have on the Internet Age. Come to find out, inserts seem to be a major marketing tool that gets higher results than many people previously thought.

The study by Vertis, states the following:

"Heavy Internet users are even more dependent on newspaper inserts than the average consumer. Also, women of all ages are an increasingly important demographic to target through inserts due to their purchasing power and retail decision making."

The study further tells us that consumers use advertising inserts to help make all types of buying decisions.

So why is this important, and how does it relate to publicity?

It’s a matter of knowing the power of all media. By realizing the importance and influence insert advertising has, we can direct a pr campaign to be tied into this type of promotion.

Remember, publicity is best when it works "with" your overall ad campaign. Making them be independent can be costly, and in some cases, be confusing if the messages are not clear that are being sent to the potential consumer.

Getting back to the study for a moment, it also provides a lot of good stats on the buying of various groups, women, grocery insert ads, home electronics, furniture and home improvement, among others.

Use these types of studies to better understand your market and the customer. Then incorporate this knowledge into your PR campaign, and you will have a winner.

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