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Look around your mail or just check your emails and see how many different forums there are. Depending on your industry, you could probably attend one almost every month.

I’m not just speaking about the Internet Forums that exist. That too can be a lot to read, as there are probably hundreds more on the net. I’m referring to the forums that you attend.

Is that a good thing? I think so. But you need to evaluate each type of forum to decide which will offer you the best value…not just for the money, but what you will learn from it.

These are Publicity Forums, Advertising Forums, Hi-Tech Forums, Automotive Forums, Sports Forums, Health Food Forums, Cooking Forums, the list goes on.

The forums I like the most are about publicity, marketing and other related topics like branding.

I noticed a new publicity forum this week. It was recently held (about a week ago) in Pal Alto, CA.

Reading about it, I discovered that two people started this, named Elizabeth Albrycht and Jen McClure. They call it the New Communications Forum.

From what I heard and read, it went from only 90 people the first year (that’s actually a good turnout) to over 190 people this year.

The forum is definitely offering something good as indicated by the turnout.

So again I ask, are forums good? Yes, and the only problem is now deciding which ones to attend. But as most, you can usually find it on the Internet and read the highlights if you can’t attend all the forums you want.

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