Press Release gets Google Exposure

To achieve any publicity exposure you need to have something that is more than unique, and more than newsworthy, right? Well, that’s all we hear from the media. If it isn’t newsy, or has a great angle to it, or national in scope, your press release for that pr client just might not get much exposure.

Creating a campaign for a pr client needs to be a well orchestrated campaign. One that includes all forms of media: print, broadcast, as well as the Internet. I have addressed this issue several times, but it still remains a mystery to me that pr agencies, for the most part, are not using all the resources. Maybe it is the unfamiliar area cyberspace pr that is not understood.

Even with the vast exposure and opportunities the Internet provides, pr clients are still faced with high costs to get listed on Google News, Yahoo News, or other business news formats on the web. Our agency have been using as much of the tools available when necessary. We are budget conscious as well. Not all pr clients can afford to have a press release or campaign reach all the news opportunities. It just isn’t realistic for anyone’s budget.

Which brings me to my reason for writing this blog. Recently, April 19 to be more specific, we submitted a release that now has been posted on Google News (as of April 26). It is for one of our pr clients who wrote a book. You now think, oh yeah, well a book, that is going to get exposure. Not true. It depends on the topic. In our case, the client wrote a book to help companies in HR find and secure the right people in their company. Not exactly a coffee table book, very niche market. But guess what, we got it on Google. And without the high costs usually associated with pr agencies who charge a high monthly fee and might get you some exposure in 3 to 4 months.

There is still room for us who work hard to get the rewards for our clients. Not everyone has million dollar budgets, but it feels good when we get that kind of exposure for our pr clients. Check out some of the different resources the web offers. Such as,
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