How To Get Emails Read

Its all in the subject

Good publicity writers think the only way to get an email read is to give the facts. A copywriter believes it is how creative you are that gets people to read an email. So who is right? Both.

email tips to marketingYou need to put on the creative thinking cap when writing powerful emails that can generate a publicity story, or get an article published. So what are the tricks to getting emails read? No silver bullet when it comes to the media. Just keep the creative in check. Don’t lie or twist (pr people like a publicity twist when possible) the truth. Give your recipient a reason to open the email, then provide them with the information you said you would. Otherwise, your name, company, can be put into the "do not read" list.

There is a top 10 list of ways to make your emails read, and this can apply to B2B, consumers and even the media. Just keep your mind open to the audience your are addressing to.

A good report titled “Ten E-mail starters to break writers block” will give you some good sampling of what I am telling you to do.

Publicity people and pr clients need to read these top 10 and see how to make the rules apply to your specific situation. The writer is giving you some tools, now you need to adapt them to your publicity campaign. If you are developing an email campaign, then all you need to do is follow the steps.

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