How to get the advantage in a job interview

This is a topic I feel needs to be discussed. I will provide some information to enlighten those seeking a job, changing careers or those looking for a better position in their current job.job readiness, soft skills

The secret to getting the advantage over another person is Soft Skills!

If you are not aware or do not know what soft skills are, then you need to read on. Soft Skills are not taught in any schools or colleges. These are things like, listening skills, how to interview, networking, knowing how to write a business email, how to write a resume, knowing phone etiquette and much more. For example your body language tells a lot. If you cross your arms while having a conversation, this usually sends a message that you are bored, or just don’t want to listen to the other person speaking. Another example, in a business meeting, don’t check your cell phone for messages, or text anyone, and most important, sit in proper posture at a meeting. If you don’t it shows you are not interested and sends a bad message to the speaker as well as others around you.

PR marketing people need soft skills. Sometimes I meet professional publicity people who just don’t know or understand why others ignore them, or won’t take their calls. It’s because they never learned their soft skills.

These examples are just a few soft skills you need to know when interviewing. To learn how to have a great interview and how to network, there is a video lesson titled: “Interviewing and Business Networking” by Business SoftSkills. In all, the company produces over 12 video lessons that are entertaining and very informative. I highly recommend everyone learn their soft skills, it can only improve your chances in a job interview, as well as it could get you promoted at your current job.

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