Press Releases

There is always more to know

It seems we keep learning something new about press rleases and how we should write them, send them, etc.

I came across another PR pro that I think mimics my feelings about doing releases. His name is John Jantsch.

One thing I believe was good advice is he feels that you need to be consistent sending at least one release per month.

The neat thing he said, is to print a few hundred of the releases then send these to your clients and hottest prospects. Why? Because after awhile, these clients and prospects start recalling that they saw your releases somewhere, and typically people believe they read it in a publication.

It can also help you get media attention.

John commented that this may sound silly, but I personally think it is "smart marketing"!

It’s good to see other PR pros giving tips to help companies know that pr is not all smoke and mirrors, but consists of strategy and planning.

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