Getting Direct Mail Read

Marketing Tip

Like most everyone, I get a lot of direct mailers, and other junk mail. So why do you open those hard selling envelops? Because of the "billboard" message.

Good direct marketing copywriters have the talent to place the right words on the outside of an envelope to build your interest and open the mail. Curiosity? Possibly that too. The fact is they got you!

Well-known writers like Ted Nicholas who wrote a book called: "Magic Words That Bring You Riches", explains how to use the power of words, both written and spoken. He has discovered how to write great copy to get people to respond.

Another excellent writer is Gary Halbert. His expertise is in writing letters, and has some great examples of what to put (words) on the outside of envelopes. But is it the power of the letter (inside) that makes you want to buy. This is where Gary can help you learn how to convert boring copy into selling copy.

My reason for telling you about this "Marketing Tip" is to not have you buy these writers books, or attend seminars, but to understand that it takes powerful words written by talented people to get your message out.

This holds true for PUBLICITY. A successful Direct Mail piece is like a good PR campaign. To get reporters to notice your company, you need to have the right words written in press releases, or a cover letter that is sent to the targeted media.

Publicity is Everywhere. So look around and see how the next pr campaign you develop, or have assigned to your pr firm, can get the attention of your targeted audience. Be creative, without sacrificing your image. You might find the response to be very positive.

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