How to write newsletters

Everyone wants to be a writer, but the task of producing a company newsletter is something no one wants to undertake.

Is your company producing a quarterly, or monthly newsletter? Is it available on your web site? Do you feel writing a newsletter is a waste of time? Do you have anyone in the company that knows how to write a newsletter?

Don’t panic if you answered yes to one or more of these questions. How to write a newsletter is not a big deal, if you are a writer, or is it? Many of our PR Clients prefer we do their newsletters. Some PR clients have an in-house staff assigned to do their own, but still ask us to review and design the newsletter to make it appealing to their customers.

Newsletter writing

So what are the tips to writing a newsletter? You can go to a number of web sites like “How to write a Newsletter Toolkit“. But that means buying software then trying to learn what to do. Or go to another site called “101 Newsletter Answers“. But that can be a lot to review and learn. There is always Google if you do a search for writing newsletters.

Or you can read my tips and learn the fast and easy way. If that is too much, we do offer this service to clients. An example of a client’s newsletter is shown. Here are a few tips:

1- Keep the newsletter interesting with information, facts that YOUR customers, or potential customers would find interesting and have value.

2- Design. Have a clean, yet creative look that is not overpowering the information. Similar to a frame that makes a picture more attractive rather than a frame that is too bold and colorful taking away from the picture.

3- Give tips in the newsletter. Offer your customers tips to help them improve their business. It is always best to relate that to something you offer.

4- Give real examples. Tell a story, short, not long, of a situation how your company helped a customer improve their company with your service/product.

5- Assemble a series of these types of topics, and place them in a file for future newsletters. This makes writing the next one easier than trying to find something to write about.

6- Offer customers a reason to contact you. Maybe have a “special” for that quarter, or list your closeout products, etc. Be sure to have your contact information listed.

These are just a few simple tips to get you going. Remember, when you begin writing a newsletter for your company, it is important to keep it going. You will find customers, and potential customers looking for it when you do it right.