Good Morning PR People!

Publicity Needs to Keep Going

Another week, and the Holidays are quickly approaching. But that shouldn’t be a reason to keep your publicity inactive.

PR is a full time effort and you should have a plan to keep it going when your schedule gets hectic, like the holidays.

One way to keep in the loop of things is to be active within the PR industry. If your company has a dedicated PR person, then they should belong to some of the PR Associations. Choose one that is in your area, or join a national organization if you need that type of exposure.

You should also subscribe to different PR newsletters. For example the Bulldog Reporter is a good choice. It has been around for years. And now the online version makes it easier to quickly keep in touch and see what "tips" can help your program.

Then again, if this is too much to handle, it might be a good reason to seek a professional firm to coordinate your publicity and other marketing projects. This will allow more time for your key people to do what they need to keep the compaqny growing and be profitable.

So keep busy, but also keep in mind that while things may get hectic, it’s always a good reason to keep that PR machine going.

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