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Get your email releases read

One of my previous blogs discussed the issues of email and reporters on how it is difficult to get their attention unless you have photo or quote from a celeb attached.

It seems that a publicity pro named Paul Krupin disagreed with my comments.

He states that in his 20+ years of creating and sending releases taught him the secrets to getting your newsworthy emails noticed. Paul sent me an email listing 23 errors, or mistakes that pr people do when writing a release. Although I agree with many of them, he basically repated a few of the problems by offering a different example.

It is true that many writers use a lot of fluff and don’t offer the reporter enough reason to feel the article or release has any newsworthy information. One of the points he identifies is that companies tend to focus on themselves and not let the readers know how the information in the release benefits them (the readers).

That’s basically what Paul says will make a release noticed. Yes, it must be well written, and that should be common knowledge. Having a publicity plan, as I keep telling you, is important. It becomes your road to a successful pr program.

I have always said that you need to understand your audience, the media to whom you are sending the release or article, and be as factual as possible with a call to action. Paul feels that releases need to reach a broader base of readers, I disagree. If you are in a specialized industry or market, then you need to speak in that language, not for the masses.

So go back to the drawing board and review what your objectives and goals. Then make sure you have all good facts that will get a reporter to contact you for further information.
That’s the secret.

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