Social Media for PR Clients

No longer do the words “social media” mean to go to a media party to meet the publishers, editors, reporters, writers from the press. It now describes how you work the Internet to gain maximum media exposure.

In order to maximize your social media on the Internet, you need to learn how to Optimize your social media. In case you are unfamiliar with the term social media, it is the posts that you have on your company blogs, podcasts and vlogs. It is how businesses are now making their customers aware of their products and services. PR clients need to include all forms of social media into their marketing and publicity plans.

Make sure you have someone at your company to be the coordinator of these social media activities. Or at least make sure your PR Agency provides this service.

Optimizing your social media is very similar to optimizing a web site. PR Clients who have a web site may already have this in place. But let me list a few points to help you keep your social media on track.

I came across a blogger who has done a good job in listing what he calls the 5 rules to optimize a social media site. When you visit his blog, you will notice that many other people added to his list. But for now, I will give you some of his choices, then you can check out what the other bloggers added.

For example, rule one is to “increase your linkability“. Having static links is ok, but he professes to use white papers and other content to help make the links non-static.

Second, make tagging and bookmarking easy. Include tagging within your own site that are to your popular pages. Use “add to” buttons that point to relevant sites.

Antother rule is to reward inbound links. Get good links with other bloggers, and other high ranked sites as inbound links. This will add to your sites credibility.

As I mentioned earlier, there are many other rules, or suggestions that can help your social media and your current business web site gain maximum exposure. If you are a PR Client, you just need to implement them. If you don’t have time, then hire an outside company that understands social media marketing, and as a pr client, you will soon see the rewards.