Look Out! Is Google Playing Games With Your Site?

Supplemental Results, are they good or bad?

Google and supplemental resultsThe battle continues at the big Search Engine Wars to see who is the biggest and strongest. In this battle it always seems that the loosers are the webmasters and ultimately the pr clients, manufacturing clients, and any company that has a web site.

The term: Supplemental Results, is something that Google has created less than a year ago. They, Google, claims it is a good thing, but is it really? From all the stories and blogs and webmasters that are writing about this, it seems to be not very good.

Let me explain. While AllTheWeb tries to claim they are the biggest in indexing sites with about 3.2 billion pages, Google at the time of this announcement had only 3.1 billion pages indexed. Then Google decided to list those pages that have not been crawled get into this pile. That way Google was able to announce it has 3.3 billion pages indexed. It is all publicity at the worst. Why? Because while these SEO’s fight to get attention in the media, we, that’s you and I, suffer.

This is how Google explains this black hole listing:

"Supplemental sites are part of Google’s auxiliary index. We’re able to place fewer restraints on sites that we crawl for this supplemental index than we do on sites that are crawled for our main index. For example, the number of parameters in a URL might exclude a site from being crawled for inclusion in our main index; however, it could still be crawled and added to our supplemental index. The index in which a site is included is completely automated; there’s no way for you to select or change the index in which your site appears. Please be assured that the index in which a site is included does not affect its PageRank."

Confused? Yes, we all are. Now you can see why web marketing is a full time position. It’s like a battle field. The big SEO’s are fighting while developers, pr agencies, web masters and web marketing experts need to dodge their bullets in order to get sites listed correctly. You don’t want to get in this "supplemental results list". Webmasters, designers and web marketing experts are learning how to avoid this from happening. Make sure your pr agency, or web marketing company knows about this or your site might just be next.

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