Solving a Packaging Problem

Throw away or fix it?

One of our clients, La Reina Inc , had a problem with the new labeling laws that went into effect at the start of this year. Due to the new laws, all packaging of food items must include the Trans Fat content in the Nutritional Fact.

Our client was in the process of updating the old packaging with a new design and the updated labeling information, when a buyer from a major store placed an order that needed delivery of the products in about 10 days.

Although NO trans Fat existed in the products, we couldn’t just apply a sticker saying "No trans Fat". It had to be in the Nutritional Facts chart.

Faced with the delivery schedule, they could only provide the old packages, because the new packages will take 6 to 8 weeks to print.

Our solution was to print the labels. That would then require the clients production department to apply the labels to the existing packages.

Sounds simple, but we had to find the right vendor who could turnaround the print order quickly and have an adhesive back that can withstand frozen items.
Plus, there were nine different products.

We were able to solve the problem and delivered the new labels on-time.

The point to all this is again…PR is everywhere.

Our client was happy, and their customer was pleased. This became a great publicity effort for our client. By delivering on-time was important, but most of all, they showed thier customer that THEY are important by fulfilling a need. This is PR. Yeah, maybe I’m stretching it a bit, but whatever you may think, it’s still publicity at its best when you meet a clients need or solve their problem.

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