press kits are important

Remember the release or story you sent to an editor about four weeks ago, well, they called and want more information, and a press kit. By now you’re wondering what to send. Stop for a minute. Now continue to read my tip for today. I’ll make this easy for you and explain how to prepare a press kit.

First, a press kit is good to have because it helps an editor or reporter know about your company, the key people, and the primary products or services you offer. Some publicity firms try to make these become a work of art. They like to submit them at the annual PRSA awards banquet. Well, that’s good for them, but it may not get the attention of the media.

A press kit includes a folder. It doesn’t have to be a simple store bought folder, but it shouldn’t be a unique die cut folded cover that is very difficult to re-close when opened.

The folder should have your company logo on it, maybe in color, if your budget allows. Inside is where all the good stuff about your company. One page is called the “Fact Sheet”. This is a quick summary sheet that reporters will save as a reference for your company. It will have all the contact information, a short one or two sentence of your core business and your target market. Sometimes you can include things like sales projections and list the latest products introduced for the year.

A series of sheets should follow. Create one page for each key personnel, such as the CEO, COO, VP’s, Sales/Marketing, etc. When you can, include a photo of these people, it adds a human element to your press kit. On the other side of the folder, I forgot to mention that it is best to have a two-sided pocket folder, will be recent press releases and any published articles about the company. If you have any literature about new items or services, include them in the kit.

Your company press kit should be updated frequently. Use them at trade shows in the pressroom and to send to the media. A press kit can give your company a positive image in the market. Now when the media calls, you can ask if they would like a press kit. It’s that simple. One more thing, while they are on the phone, ask them for their media kit.

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