How To Build A Brand

Branding can be for any company

Is branding only for the major companies  (Fortune 100) that we all recognize such as Coke, Microsoft, Starbucks, Nike, and others?

No, it is for any size company. But what it takes to create a brand is a solid program design to be enforced by all executives and employees of a company.

It needs to start from the top of the command post, the CEO, or COO and the Presidents of companies.

If you are really serious about creating a branding for your company work with a professional company to guide you in the right direction. Our company, Carson and Company, has been working with major clients to help build and establish their brands. Another blog article  The DNA of Branding lead me to a person that supports my beliefs.

To further illustrate my point about any size company, large or small can establish a branding image, I recommend you read a book by Patrick Hanlon titled: Primal Need. In the book he describes the reasons why people buy the products they do and why we choose such products. he is also the founder and CEO of Thinktopia.

Basically, it all comes to "preference". Mr. Hanlon believes that preference creates sales. I would agree, because if you have a preference of one product over another, the choice you just made was the branding it has established.

Other factors are also important according to Mr. Hanlon. He addresses in his book that primal branding creates a belief system that surrounds your brand; this makes you go beyond functionally, features and benefits. He says it’s like a pattern or a language.

Make branding a priortiy in your business. And don’t be affraid to make sublte changes, it’s how you grow a brand.

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