Reporters and Emails

Publicity is Everywhere series

I read a PR article yesterday about how editors, reporters are getting a lot of emails from high schoolers on celebrity sightings to behind-the-scenes stuff. And they send it from their high school.

That’s one way to get noticed. But is it the best way?

I have to agree with Dan Janal, I doubt it. Dan further says it can only benefit you if the email you send to the reporters’ ties into a well-known celeb like Brad Pitt or Tom DeLay.

Dan did an interview with TJ Walker, who is a media trainer, on this subject. Unfortunately, you need to purchase the CD to hear the full interview. But I think you get the message that "everyone" wants PR, even high schoolers to everyday people.

Some are more creative in their approach; others will resort to traditional methods.

Whatever works for you go with it.

Still I recommend that you work with a PR firm, or a professional to jump-start your campaign. Then if needed, you can have that person or company become your guide in a lesser capacity. Don’t take on a campaign if you do not have the proper staff or plan to maintain the campaign. This too can get you PR, but not the positive type. Because if a reporter should contact you for more info, or to do an article and you are unable to respond in a timely manner, well, you just blew your chance to be in the spotlight.

So consider a pro to get you through the first phases of a real aggressive pr program. It is well worth the cost and the exposure.

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