How To Structure Your Press Releases

Good structure makes a difference

publicity structureNot all press releases written by professional publicity people or pr clients follow the standard rules for press release structure. This can affect the chances of your release being read, or even published.

Remember, reporters and publishers all have a lot to do, and looking over hundreds of releases a week requires streamlining their time. So if you get too wild with your release structure, you might just get overlooked.

A web site called publicity advisor, gives some good structural advice to help those wanting to get noticed with the media much easier. I know that if you have a good relationship with a specific reporter or media contact that you can break many rules in publicity. But that is limited in your viewpoint, because not every person remains in one place. When visiting the site, you may think, I know this stuff. Ok, maybe you know "most" of it. But are you practicing it?

For example are you aware of this: “If your news release contains a local news angle, putting information about where should be giving high priority at the top. Also try to get your company name as close to the top as possible. This will decrease the chance that they’ll "chop" your company name out of their news coverage, and increase the chance that you get publicity with your release”. That’s just one suggestion in the advice offered. I recommend you go through all the information before making a judgment. You just might uncover something new to help the next release get more attention.

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