Interviews on Radio

Radio is a good medium for publicity

Getting your message out can be done using a variety of media. Newspaper, magazines, TV and radio. And of course the Internet.

Whenever possible, try to get yourself, or a representative from your company have a radio interview. This is an excellent media. It is done live, and the questions asked by the Host can provide you the opportunity to explain more about a new service or product than someone reading about it in a press release.

These types of interviews can be done. It takes more than one or two letters or phone call to the radio station. You need to be pushy, without being a pest.

But before you start making those calls, the interview needs to be planned. What I mean is that the subject you want to discuss should be relevant to the listeners of that station. And that the subject is of interest to the station as well. Otherwise, you’re wasting everyone’s time, and building a poor reputation for your company with non-relevant topics, or issues.

Radio can enhance any publicity campaign. It should be used as a media to help ignite your campaign. Another important thing to consider.

If you want to get an interview on the radio, make sure that you have been sending publicity releases prior to them and other media. It helps to have published releases, or an article written about the company, or yourself (if you are promoting you) before you make those calls. This adds to the credibility and name recognition.

Last and just as important. If your story you want to tell on the radio isn’t of a timely manner, then be patient and make follow up calls. If you have a subject that is critical to the timing, make this known. Just remember, broadcast media is a timely industry. News happens immediately, so sometimes your interview may get pushed back a week due to current events. That’s why it is best to discuss a topic that isn’t as timely but has a lot to offer the listeners.

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