Public Relations With The Media

Get Better Relations With The Media

I’ve written about this subject a couple of times, but in different viewpoints. One of the articles was titled: Working with the press", the other was titled "Know the media". Each identifies specific issues that will help you produce better releases to get them published. Re-read these; you may find something you missed the first time.

Today I will focus more on having good media relations with the press. When possible, I like to use other pr pros that think the same to help illustrate another writer’s viewpoint. That way you can read theirs and possibly pick up more knowledge. One particular blogsite that has this similar viewpoint is PowerPR weblog. Check out his perspective.

As you plan your publicity campaign and finalizing the press releases to send to the media, make sure you have identified who will be receiving these releases and articles. Although it takes more effort, you should make revisions in the releases that meet the criteria of that specific media. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Identify a specific person, or a couple of the reporters and send the releases to the one person most suited for your release
  •  Modify the release to fit that publications audience. If the media release is being sent to a few trade or consumer media in the foods industry, then adapt the release accordingly
  •  Know the deadlines of the media. Plan to send releases at least 2 weeks before the next issue is due, or a few days after it is published
  •  Check the media calendars. You might see in their editorial calendar that your product or press release is best suited at another time

This one-on-one submission of releases is more time consuming and does require a targeted approach. The results will be rewarding when you treat the media as you do your clients.

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