Talk, Talk, Talk

Know what you’re saying

Communication. That’s what Advertising and Publicity are all about.

The better you can communicate, will improve your chances of getting your message in front of reporters. Communication, as you know, is how you use words. It is in the writing, and in the speaking.

Although reporters like to write their own stories, they are more receptive to someone who has presented their story in a well-prepared manner.

That’s why you should never think you know it all. As long as you are alive, be willing to learn from others. I’m sure we can all improve our communication skills.

Reading books, or listening to tapes on "How-To" will help guide you. It is the actual doing that makes your talents sharper. Learning these skills will also improve your image.

After writing your release, or story, or articles have someone other than a co-worker read it. Listen to their comments. See if what they say makes sense and “consider” making changes to your article.

This type of input can provide you valuable insight to improve your writing. Don’t be afraid to make changes. And don’t get caught up in the creative side of your writings. Remember, you are writing for the readers, not for yourself.

These few tips should be helpful. If you need more guidance and want help in writing your first series of releases, or an article, give me a call. And together we can get your company noticed!

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