Beauty Source Selects Carson Marketing for Web Site Development

A retail store, Beauty Source, recognizes the need to have an eCommerce web site in addition to their retail outlets. Why? Because consumer activity of eCommerce is still growing and the need to keep customers is greater today than it was just four years ago.

Web marketing is no longer for the part-time designer, or artist. It requires savvyretail store for cosmetics marketers who understand how to grow a company and what eCommerce is about. That is just one of the many reasons why the PR Client, Beauty Source, chose Carson Marketing, Inc for their web site development. Creating the site is one small segment to a successful site. You need to have a clean design, the right placement of products, create an easy navigation system, and above all establish a solid optimization program that is constantly updated.

PR Clients rely on marketing professionals, like Carson Marketing, Inc. to help guide them with their pr marketing strategies. Unlike vertical agencies who specialize in one area, such as web development, or media advertising, Carson Marketing was chosen for their complete knowledge of all areas including publicity, promotions, web marketing and the ability to recognize trends when other competitors are learning where the industry is going. Since 1980, Carson Marketing, Inc. has been instrumental in helping pr clients and manufacturers discover how to increase business. The “core branding” approach is what makes Carson Marketing successful in helping pr clients reach their goals. This includes a pr marketing strategy plan that ties directly into the overall business plan. If you don’t have a direction, it makes it difficult to know where you are going. Carson Marketing will show pr clients the path to success.

Protect your web site investment. Avoid making SE mistakes.

Search Engine Marketing is both an art and full time business. Knowing what makes them angry can help any pr client avoid being tossed off the list.

If you are a pr client, or an ad agency, or better yet, a web design company, make sure you know the rules of good web development and understand what makes SE’s (search engines)search engine marketing mad. You may already recognize a few of these “don’t do” rules, but I am sure you will find some that you did not know and should avoid.

Remember, if you engage in any of these “don’t do rules” your web site can be banned or dropped from their rankings. That can have serious effects on your web site traffic, and ruin a pr marketing strategy campaign that might have included keywords, optimizing, banner ads, reciprocal links, just to mention a few. These are a few of the things to avoid.

1- Re-Directs. Sometimes called cloaking. This could include hidden text or showing different content to se’s than what your actual site displays.

2- Doorway pages. This is a familiar term and was once accepted as a marketing tool for web designers. No longer is this accepted.

3- Linking to poor sites. Sometimes referred to as “bad neighborhood” sites. These sites have broken links, are usually part of a link farm for thousands of other sites linked together.

4- Broken links on your own site. Getting a “404 errors” is not good. Fix any broken links or pages that cannot load properly.

Many other don’ts exist, these are a few to help you learn what not to do. We have other articles that address similar helpful tips, such as “Build Web Links With Publicity“. Other good reading articles you should read are: “Web Site Marketing in Orange County“, Social Networking is changing how we search“, and finally “Web Site Marketing and Publicity“.

Browse through many of the other articles on local publicity, pr marketing strategies, and email campaigns. I am sure you will find something that can improve the publicity and marketing campaign for your pr client.

Building Web Links with Publicity

This topic can never get enough attention. The problem with web marketing, or pr marketing strategies, there are too many books, sources and people offering information and you just cannot absorb all that great stuff.

Sometimes we need to go outside for web marketing help. Even PR Clients ask us to do their web marketing knowing they cannot keep the pace and keep up with the many changes the Internet encounters almost weekly. If you are looking to do some of the web site marketing in-house, then go to sources that can guide you along. If you get too deep in this stuff, I strongly recommend sourcing this out.

One particular person who is very helpful is Aaron Wall. He is an expert on SEO and does seminars all around the country. His SEO Book is an excellent read, but again, not for the novice. PR agencies as well as pr clients doing their own pr marketing strategies, should also consider contacting a professional to get the web marketing program started. Then once implemented, you can maintain the program yourself.

His book and tips concentrate on Links. How to create them and how to get them. Sounds easy, and in a way it is. But like any project, you need to devote the time necessary to really benefit from a web marketing program. Publicity alone, and having web site alone cannot generate sales. You need to have solid pr marketing strategy to make things happen. And that’s another subject I will talk about later.

Social Networking Is Changing How We Search

SEO’s Conference says change is happening

It was long when I told you that the next major area of Internet Search was going to be in the "social search’. This was recently discussed as being true at  "The Search Evolution: How Social Search is Changing All the Rules" conference in New York.

social searchesA lot was mentioned on how this social search will affect the SEO’s and the users of search. One statement was made that  "social search is simply an extension of social media as we know it today".  The article went on to say "Today’s method of matching interest to action and the content includes weighing link popularity of websites and determining a relative ranking of said content".

This means that pr clients, ad agencies, pr professions and all publicity needs to take a serious look as to how this change can affect their markets and how it will also affect their pr programs.

Marketers and pr clients need to think beyond the search box. It is falling back to branding, the building of your brand.

Just as I have said before, the YouTube and other blog sites are shaping this social network and it is now changing how all people view things and clients products. Publicity is not a stand alone item. Neither is marketing, or web site marketing. All of these must work together in order to become successful and to build a brand.

If you don’t want to believe this, then sit and wait. As you begin to see your market share slip, and competitors move ahead of you because you thought this was another fad, then start looking for another job or career.

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Make Your PR Campaign Online Savvy

Create a good RSS Feed to get more attention and recognition

By now everyone is realizing the power of online marketing. Although our agency has been doing this for over five years, I am now seeing publicity agencies, pr clients and the traditional media getting more involved with the Internet.

getting your releases publishedWe know that blogging has helped jump this attention to become a useful marketing tool. Now we are seeing how RSS Feeds can further expand your exposure. Whether you are a sporting goods company, an auto dealership, a retail outlet, a snack food company, you should consider adding RSS Feeds to your current web site.

Plus, a "press room", or Newsroom should also be part of the web site. Why, because it is becoming a place where the media can learn quickly about your company, the products and services you offer.

When you send press releases, articles or other important materials to the publishers, editors, or freelance writers, they will want to know more about you. The web site is a perfect place for them to update themselves. So make sure your pressroom has current information.

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