A New Marketing Tool For Publicity

Behavorial Targeting

Another marketing tool for publicity is called "Behavioral Targeting"(BT). This term is in most respects new. It addresses how people are purchasing on the Internet.

If you have a publicity campaign and your pr client is selling a specific product to a selected market, then you need to know and learn about BT.

An author of this is Jack Smith. He addresses this new tactic so that marketers and publicity professionals can locate their pr client’s audiences faster and more cost effectively.

Mr. Smith best describes the BT marketing as follows: "BT does its job by tracking what people do online: the pages they visit, where they click and how often. It filters the anonymous results into marketing-relevant categories of those with like behavior and like tastes." Just reading this description should show you that BT is needed in all areas of marketing and publicity.

With budgets getting tighter, it now means that smart marketing and publicity targeting are more important to be effective. You can no longer run a series of “testing campaigns” to see what works best. I am not suggesting you eliminate tests, just limit those by doing the BT study of customers for your client’s products. This will then help to isolate the target audience so that your results can be more productive.

Mr. Smith’s “5 step plan for BT beginners” has a lot of examples, but can sometimes be confusing. His examples are based on fictional companies and products, which is ok. Sometimes it is unclear when trying to follow the steps. But in all fairness, it does help you get closer to learning about behavioral targeting.

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