B2B Web Marketing with Publicity Marketing

You can surf the web all day and find article after article about B2B web marketing. Only a few will explain how to combine that with the power of your publicity marketing campaign.web marketing

Let me give you some of that inside scoop.


B2B web marketing needs to begin within the “core” structure of a company‚Äôs web site. As shown in this simplified illustration, a pr clients web site is the starting point. Now lets see how each phase works:


From there you build outward to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I have spoken about this many times. This consists of keyword research, meta tag and content, link building. It was said that over 75% of clicks are ORGANIC searches, not paid links. So you see how important this phase is. Hang on, were getting to publicity.


Then comes the SEM (Search Engine Marketing). As powerful as Google is with it’s AdWords campaign, you should also consider using Yahoo Search Marketing as part of this SEM.


The heart of most B2B web marketing sites. Although we all want to be world wide, you should use local networking to build your B2B web site. There are local marketing tools like Marchex Adhere to help start your local campaign. Ok, here is where you begin to include local publicity.


This should now be the emphasis of your pr clients campaign. A solid local and national publicity campaign should include press releases, articles in various media, and seminars. That’s only part of it. Be sure you research the online media. These will include social networks, as well as online media news outlets.


Not too far behind your publicity campaign should be an email marketing strategy campaign. There are two main methods: eNewsletter and email blasts. The eNewsletter should be listed on your B2B web site for customers to sign up to receive them. The email blast, although can be costly, should be used when targeting a specific market or industry group.

Ok, I don’t expect any pr client, or pr agency to handle this type of B2B marketing, but some of them do try and fail. If you need a professional publicity agency that knows this stuff, call George Carson at 949-477-9400.We have been helping B2B companies grow through unconventional marketing techniques. Let us get you noticed.

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