Branding and Publicity

Both of these words work hand-in-hand. As you begin a publicity campaign, no matter how large or small, it soon will create that image, or branding for your company.

The glue that ties all this together is the marketing. So be careful as to what you say to the media and the sales materials you create, because all of these build that branding image in your company.

More important is your company’s corporate culture. This is a major part of the building blocks that create your branding. From the CFO, to the president to the shipping department, everyone in your company is creating the branding that will be seen by the competition and your customers. It’s important to have a company handbook that clearly identifies your company’s image, the mission statement and philosophy.

This is what you will use to help market your company. It is your road map to a publicity campaign. The branding of who you are will set the path for you. You can always modify your path, but be certain that it will have an impact on your branding as well.

Just like a publicity campaign, your branding image doesn’t happen overnight. It needs to be carefully structured.

If the lesson you learn is that your company’s image is created from within, then you are on the right track.

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