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Branding is now more important than ever

Before you say anything, like "Oh no, not another branding article"…let me explain.

The term Branding is getting more recognition than ever. No matter whom you speak to (in business), or what publications you read, the term BRANDING pops up. That isn’t the reason why I am again talking about branding, it’s because today this is definitely something you need to do to stay competitive.

BUILDING A BRAND is not just slapping your logo on a bunch of envelopes, or on brochures. A real branding program starts within a company.

From the CEO, to the company president to the person answering the phone. It includes your tag line, or slogan; it is how customers, clients and consumers perceive you. When conducting internal business meetings to sending internal messages, they all should reflect the branding image.

All industries are getting more competitive and to stand out you need to build a solid brand image. This is not something that will happen overnight. That’s another good reason to start now, if you haven’t already implemented a program. Be sure your pr agency or pr client understands how to create a branding program.

Branding should be part of all your publicity activities and in all your advertising materials and ad print campaign. Press kits to the media should quickly identify the brand you are developing, as well as any correspondence with the media, such as editors, writers and publishers. You should immediately implement a signature for your emails using your company’s branded image. It is time to make this be an on-going part of your daily business activity. In the long run, it will give your company the competitive edge.

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