Email. How to make your message user-friendly.

We all get dozens, if not hundreds of email each week. How do you sort through all that”Stuff”? Which ones are important? How do you know if the new email you received is what you want to open?email make them user-friendly

By using some pr marketing strategies in your email campaign will help answer some of these questions. Think for a minute. If these types of questions are asked by you about emails you receive, then consider the person(s), or companies that you send emails to. They are also concerned about which email is the one to open, and which one is a spammer or junk mail.

I saw an article that I would like to share with you. Jonathan Henke, Lyris’ new Usability Engineer, had these tips to help pr marketing companies and pr clients get more user-friendly with email. Some of his twelve tips included:

  • OPT-IN email lists are best when you use a “hello” message to confirm people’s membership.
  • Send your regular emails from the same address every-time. Remember, when people signed up to receive your newsletter, or other messages, they can then add your address to their “Safe” list, assuring it is received.
  • Use an Informative FROM name and SUBJECT Line.Users will decide which email to open based on these two important areas.
  • Limit SUBJECT lines to 50-60 characters. Make sure your important information is in the first six to eight words.

Check out his other informative tips. When you better understand email and its powerful ability to communicate, then your pr marketing campaign will be much more successful. If you have a publicity project, or marketing campaign you would like to be reviewed before implementing, give us a call. We’ll make sure your on the right track.