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Learn how to create an effective email campaign.

Advertising agencies and publicity firms do not understand fully how to help pr clientsemail marketing with their email marketing. That’s because they have not taken the time to learn the new rules of cyber marketing. Anyone can send an email. And yes, I am sure you get a lot of junk mail. It is estimated that business people receive over 300 emails per week (a low average I would guess), and of that, 62% is junk email.

PR Clients should understand that potential customers could open their messages as well as existing customers when the proper use of email marketing is performed. Several topics exist on this subject. And if you Google the term “email marketing”, you will get 415 million results to search through. Instead of struggling through all this, you can start with a company called Elite Marketing. I don’t know this company personally, but know of them. The company’s site offers a lot of great information to point your email campaign in the right direction.

Publicity is everywhere, that’s what I profess all the time. Email is part of publicity. If you are a pr client, or a publicity company creating pr campaigns, be sure to use the proper ways to implement an effective email program.

A few tips for a successful eMail Campaign. These and more tips can be found in the Elite Email site.

1- The Subject Line. This is most poorly worded section. Yet, it is the most important because the “subject’ is how people decide if the email has any value to them.

2-Keep it short. Long explanations in the subject are not good. Keep the description short. And to the point.

3- Overly Exaggerated Subjects Doesn’t Fool Anyone. For example, don’t make claims that people know are false, such as “we can make your dreams come true”. Be honest and direct. Your email will have a better chance of being read.

4- Have a call to action. Be sure to give a reason for the reader to contact your company. Sometimes it can be through a “coupon” campaign, or a special offer at the end of the message.

There are dozens of tips you can find on the site mentioned and as well as other sites. So take the time to make sure your subject and the message are well written. Have a pr professional or copywriter help construct the message. Email is part of a pr marketing strategy. Use it wisely and your pr clients will results.

If you need additional help with your pr marketing, we offer FREE advice. Contact George Carson, or visit our web site, Carson Marketing Inc.

Email. How to make your message user-friendly.

We all get dozens, if not hundreds of email each week. How do you sort through all that”Stuff”? Which ones are important? How do you know if the new email you received is what you want to open?email make them user-friendly

By using some pr marketing strategies in your email campaign will help answer some of these questions. Think for a minute. If these types of questions are asked by you about emails you receive, then consider the person(s), or companies that you send emails to. They are also concerned about which email is the one to open, and which one is a spammer or junk mail.

I saw an article that I would like to share with you. Jonathan Henke, Lyris’ new Usability Engineer, had these tips to help pr marketing companies and pr clients get more user-friendly with email. Some of his twelve tips included:

  • OPT-IN email lists are best when you use a “hello” message to confirm people’s membership.
  • Send your regular emails from the same address every-time. Remember, when people signed up to receive your newsletter, or other messages, they can then add your address to their “Safe” list, assuring it is received.
  • Use an Informative FROM name and SUBJECT Line.Users will decide which email to open based on these two important areas.
  • Limit SUBJECT lines to 50-60 characters. Make sure your important information is in the first six to eight words.

Check out his other informative tips. When you better understand email and its powerful ability to communicate, then your pr marketing campaign will be much more successful. If you have a publicity project, or marketing campaign you would like to be reviewed before implementing, give us a call. We’ll make sure your on the right track.

EMail Marketing

Improve your image with better emails

The old saying that "Timing is Everything" is true in advertising, publicity and now email marketing.

How do you get better responses to your emails? This is a question we are asked many times by our pr clients and advertising clients. The answer is to make sure your emails are timely. This sounds like common sense, and it is. But think about how many emails you receive daily from customers, clients, and friends, and which ones you open first to read. Even junk emails campaigns use this technique to get you to respond.

An article by Robert Bly gives illustrative examples about this same topic. He mentions that some financial companies use this technique wisely. Another interesting point is to use news embedded into the copy. Make your email or publicity release (the one that goes to clients and potential customers) be somewhat newsworthy by including a current item that relates to your email.

An example was when a financial publisher used a photo of Martha Stewart and the "subject" was "Stay one step ahead of the stock market, just like Martha Stewart…but without her legal liability."

This is clever thinking and good use of publicity in email marketing.

Another good tip by Mr. Bly is to give something away in your email. Not necessarily a product, but information. Provide a tip, or something useful in the market you are in.

Why? Because people expect to receive free stuff on the internet. Knowing this, offer them something of value, and the potential client may read further and contact you for more information about your service or product.

Try these simple tips and then read Mr. Bly’s article for a third tip.

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