Which PR Marketing Strategy is best– eMail or Direct Mail?

If you guessed eMail, you’re wrong, well, almost wrong. Email has become very popular because it is easy to create, and costs a lot less than traditional direct mail. But are you sacrificing cost for conversions? Are you willing to listen, or be open minded to the fact that your pr marketing strategy should now include direct mail?

Let me explain what has been happening between these two pr marketing strategies that has direct mail the winner at this time.

You need to realize the average person receives thousands of junk email a month, and some may get that much a week. Then consider how many hundreds of email you get from vendors you know, clients, newsletters you subscribe to, etc. Although once anemail marketing pr marketing strategy important pr marketing strategy, email is now getting numb to the receiver. Our inbox has become so full with emails that we are now trashing things that are not directly needed at the time.  A well-known professor, Andrew Razeghi wrote a book called “The Riddle…” and explains it is time to be creative with your marketing strategies. In his words, Mr. Razeghi said, “direct mail is more physical, less disposable and more sensory than digital media (email).” This alone should tell you why direct mail is clearly becoming the winner.

I am not saying to abort all email campaigns, but to re-consider the safe and true value that direct mail has, and it has a higher return rate. That’s because customers are often skeptical and more so when the economy is in a recession like now. By keeping a tangible image with something for the customer to touch, gives a positive perception of a company. With email, it is difficult for the person to get that feeling, especially if they can easily “click” your message into the trash without opening it. Another point, we hate getting bills in the mail. So it has been known that consumers will open a direct mailer because it is not a bill, or something that could be negative. Basically, we want to be entertained and junk mail can help relieve the fear of another bill.

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Successful Email Marketing Strategies

Companies need to use “street smart marketing techniques” during these difficult times. One smart strategy is to re-think how you reach customers. If you are a pr client, thenemail marketing strategies consider Email Marketing. It can be one of those marketing strategies that prove to be a winner for your company. But you need to understand how to use this tool effectively. You can get lost on what to do. If you search the words “Email Marketing” in Google you will get over 52 million searches.

Just like a solid publicity campaign, email marketing should have a plan. Here are a few tips.

1- Offer something of value. Don’t fall into the trap of discounting. Most emails will be shouting the price cuts, or discounts in the subject line. Instead provide value, such as information, or use the subject line to mention how your product or service provides helpful tips, or increases their profit margins.

2- Start a discussion. The first and last things we do in any day is check our emails. Just like a social network posts questions, try this in your email. It could be something that is passed along and soon your company is the focal point of that topic/product.

3- Follow-ups. Use email to follow up to a customer who made a recent purchase. Ask them about their experience with the sale, or with the product order. Get customers involved, it will show them you care.

These are just a few tips to creating a successful email marketing campaign. It still is one of the most powerful marketing strategy tools that a pr client can use during this difficult business climate. So start to make things happen. Use email marketing wisely and see the results. If you need help, call George Carson at Carson Marketing, Inc. He can be reached at 949-477-9400.

Email Marketing. It creates your business reputation.

Are you aware that each email a company sends to prospects or clients builds their reputation, good or bad? Did you know that email marketing could create positive or negative publicity?

Publicity is everywhere! I keep telling my pr clients and all publicity people that sending emails builds a company’s brand and image. If you typically send unsolicited emails to new prospects, make sure these are opt-in names. If you are constantly being sent notifications of spamming, then your reputation goes south. Even poorly written emails can establish a good or negative campaign faster than the publicity campaign you budgeted for the year.

Why is it then pr clients are constantly overlooking this aspect in their company? Because we all feel that email is not a real “business” practice and view it as a one-to-one friendly way of communicating with others. In reality, it is the most powerful tool we use daily. It is this tool that builds a company’s reputation, or destroys it. Just like blogging has become recognized as a powerful marketing tool, so is email. Yet we are more concerned what a blogger, or blog article says about a company or its products.  Not realizing that we may not speak as openly in an email, our style of writing, how we say things all add up to building the reputation.

Another viewpoint of email reputation can be found in an article at the iMedia Connection site. The article titled “Mind Your Email Reputation” has a different perspective on this subject that supports what I am saying. And if you still don’t feel your email reputation has nay affect, or effect, ask people outside of your company to read a few of the business emails. Better yet, follow up with a phone call to those B2B clients who haven’t responded, or ask your competitors what they think your reputation is. Sure, you may not get a true answer from a competitor, but why not ask them and or others in your industry.

Start building a solid email reputation by establishing guidelines that everyone in the company follows. From how the “subject” line is written to how you sign your name, each part will play an important role in your company’s reputation. Give us a call if you want an outside objective critique of how your emails are helping your reputation. Ask for George Carson when you call. He can be reached at Carson Marketing, Inc., 949-477-9400.

Effective eMail Tips

Learn how to create an effective email campaign.

Advertising agencies and publicity firms do not understand fully how to help pr clientsemail marketing with their email marketing. That’s because they have not taken the time to learn the new rules of cyber marketing. Anyone can send an email. And yes, I am sure you get a lot of junk mail. It is estimated that business people receive over 300 emails per week (a low average I would guess), and of that, 62% is junk email.

PR Clients should understand that potential customers could open their messages as well as existing customers when the proper use of email marketing is performed. Several topics exist on this subject. And if you Google the term “email marketing”, you will get 415 million results to search through. Instead of struggling through all this, you can start with a company called Elite Marketing. I don’t know this company personally, but know of them. The company’s site offers a lot of great information to point your email campaign in the right direction.

Publicity is everywhere, that’s what I profess all the time. Email is part of publicity. If you are a pr client, or a publicity company creating pr campaigns, be sure to use the proper ways to implement an effective email program.

A few tips for a successful eMail Campaign. These and more tips can be found in the Elite Email site.

1- The Subject Line. This is most poorly worded section. Yet, it is the most important because the “subject’ is how people decide if the email has any value to them.

2-Keep it short. Long explanations in the subject are not good. Keep the description short. And to the point.

3- Overly Exaggerated Subjects Doesn’t Fool Anyone. For example, don’t make claims that people know are false, such as “we can make your dreams come true”. Be honest and direct. Your email will have a better chance of being read.

4- Have a call to action. Be sure to give a reason for the reader to contact your company. Sometimes it can be through a “coupon” campaign, or a special offer at the end of the message.

There are dozens of tips you can find on the site mentioned and as well as other sites. So take the time to make sure your subject and the message are well written. Have a pr professional or copywriter help construct the message. Email is part of a pr marketing strategy. Use it wisely and your pr clients will results.

If you need additional help with your pr marketing, we offer FREE advice. Contact George Carson, or visit our web site, Carson Marketing Inc.

Email Marketing and PR

Using this with publicity can stimulate more awareness

You can’t just ignore it, and it isn’t going to go away, it’s email marketing!

email marketing and publicityWe all get more than our share of junk mail and a lot of unnecessary mail that seems at times, overwhelming. But the true fact about email marketing is that it does work.

This may not sound to you like a way to attract customers, or build a publicity awareness campaign. But the facts are real, people do respond to and read their emails.

Ok, I am not saying to drop all your pr efforts or publicity campaign that is about to launch. I want to make pr clients and pr agencies realize there is a very large population that likes to read their email. And almost 100% of them have requested to be on that email list.  So it is time to grab that publicity campaign notebook, go through all the projects and see if email marketing is on that list. If not, consider adding email marketing for your pr clients, or your marketing campaigns that include publicity.

To help put this in some perspective, I saw an article that is titled "How to get the best ROI from your Email". The author gets to the point and shows that for every dollar spent on email, the return is $57.25. Unlike other mail programs where it is $22.52 return on every dollar.

This is a suggestion for those publicity savvy people, pr clients and professional pr agencies to realize they have another pr tool waiting to be implemented.

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Publicity and Email

One is a series

Email marketing isn’t new, but how we use this tool for marketing, shows that it is now making positive advances in using email for publicity. To make any publicity campaign successful you need to make sure that all your options of marketing tools and resources are in place. This is not saying to use email to contact reporters, editors or the media. That should be part of your normal activity.

A Study Reveals Reasons To Use Email Marketing
There is a lot of discussion about how email has helped different companies gain recognition and increase sales. Not through spamming, but through controlled distribution. Several new studies show that a majority (out of 259 companies surveyed), 93% use email to reach consumers. This and other studies are important to pr professionals, because it clearly indicates how people rely on email and how they are thinking and how they can be reached.

If you have a pr client and they want to gain awareness, then it is your responsibility to examine the options of email marketing. The study I read, called "Email Goes Viral" shows the marketing tactics of manufacturing companies will increase their spending on email marketing, direct sales and even publicity. As much as a 42% increase on publicity alone! Another Internet activity is Webinars, a 35% increase for next year.

Publicity Agencies and PR Professional Need To Act Now
This should give reason for publicity firms to act upon and use other marketing sources like email. As I have said many times, publicity needs to interact with the IT departments and Marketing departments of a company in order to develop successful campaigns.

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Is Email Still Effective

Smart marketing Ideas

Every time we develop a campaign that includes an email campaign, clients ask the on-going questions: Is eMail still effective?

Yes, it is.

A recent study from MediaPost shows us that internet users share a lot of the information they receive.

You’re probably thinking, jokes, right? Ok, that is a big part of the sharingof content. To be more specific, humorous jokes and cartoons represents 88% of internet users share this passion.

Now lets get to business stuff. For example, business and any personal finance information people receive and think it has value, that’s 24% of the interent users. So that’s not bad when you compare it to direct mailers, or other shared information.

About 43% of the people claimed to share "marketing-related" messages.

Let’s take this a step further to see the benefits to using email marketing as a business tool.

41% of the people will share with 1 to 3 other people, while 34% with 4 to 6 people. Only 13% will share with more than 7 people.

It is like word-of-mouth marketing. Rememebr when I told you that Blogging is like word-of-mouth? Sop make sure you keep an email campaign in your mix of marketing tools.

But be careful not to spam people, get permission first. It will keep your image and branding at the top when you get permission.

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