Email Marketing and PR

Using this with publicity can stimulate more awareness

You can’t just ignore it, and it isn’t going to go away, it’s email marketing!

email marketing and publicityWe all get more than our share of junk mail and a lot of unnecessary mail that seems at times, overwhelming. But the true fact about email marketing is that it does work.

This may not sound to you like a way to attract customers, or build a publicity awareness campaign. But the facts are real, people do respond to and read their emails.

Ok, I am not saying to drop all your pr efforts or publicity campaign that is about to launch. I want to make pr clients and pr agencies realize there is a very large population that likes to read their email. And almost 100% of them have requested to be on that email list.  So it is time to grab that publicity campaign notebook, go through all the projects and see if email marketing is on that list. If not, consider adding email marketing for your pr clients, or your marketing campaigns that include publicity.

To help put this in some perspective, I saw an article that is titled "How to get the best ROI from your Email". The author gets to the point and shows that for every dollar spent on email, the return is $57.25. Unlike other mail programs where it is $22.52 return on every dollar.

This is a suggestion for those publicity savvy people, pr clients and professional pr agencies to realize they have another pr tool waiting to be implemented.

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