Successful Email Marketing Strategies

Companies need to use “street smart marketing techniques” during these difficult times. One smart strategy is to re-think how you reach customers. If you are a pr client, thenemail marketing strategies consider Email Marketing. It can be one of those marketing strategies that prove to be a winner for your company. But you need to understand how to use this tool effectively. You can get lost on what to do. If you search the words “Email Marketing” in Google you will get over 52 million searches.

Just like a solid publicity campaign, email marketing should have a plan. Here are a few tips.

1- Offer something of value. Don’t fall into the trap of discounting. Most emails will be shouting the price cuts, or discounts in the subject line. Instead provide value, such as information, or use the subject line to mention how your product or service provides helpful tips, or increases their profit margins.

2- Start a discussion. The first and last things we do in any day is check our emails. Just like a social network posts questions, try this in your email. It could be something that is passed along and soon your company is the focal point of that topic/product.

3- Follow-ups. Use email to follow up to a customer who made a recent purchase. Ask them about their experience with the sale, or with the product order. Get customers involved, it will show them you care.

These are just a few tips to creating a successful email marketing campaign. It still is one of the most powerful marketing strategy tools that a pr client can use during this difficult business climate. So start to make things happen. Use email marketing wisely and see the results. If you need help, call George Carson at Carson Marketing, Inc. He can be reached at 949-477-9400.

Social Media. Do You Know How To Do It Right?

There is a lot of buzz around on how a company should embark on a social media campaign. Some pr marketing strategies have already proven poorly, while other pr marketing strategies are successful.

So what makes one pr client succeed and another falter? Do they need to spend more money? Do they need a blog site? Are they aware of their audience and what they want? It is knowing how to do it right! In a recent article by blogger BL Ochman, she gets right to the core of many issues that are causing serious problems for pr clients not knowing how to so social media.

Does anyone have the answers? Yes, everyone seems to, but who is right? As much as BL Ochman illustrates the right from wrongs in campaigns, you cannot completely know if it is going to work until you implement the marketing campaign. I do agree with her that if you haven’t been doing social media, and are using old pr marketing strategies, then you better hire a blogger or media specialist who understands the workings of social media. That sounds easy enough. But large companies like FORD proved that you could spend $60 million and still not get it right. They need to go outside of the ad agency. Go to the consumers who are blogging about them. Basically, they need a street-smart marketing program. Only through this type of research can any company survive the constant changes consumers experience everyday.

So are you doing it right? If not, look to someone who can direct you to a social media program that can make your company reach its goals.