Is Email Still Effective

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Every time we develop a campaign that includes an email campaign, clients ask the on-going questions: Is eMail still effective?

Yes, it is.

A recent study from MediaPost shows us that internet users share a lot of the information they receive.

You’re probably thinking, jokes, right? Ok, that is a big part of the sharingof content. To be more specific, humorous jokes and cartoons represents 88% of internet users share this passion.

Now lets get to business stuff. For example, business and any personal finance information people receive and think it has value, that’s 24% of the interent users. So that’s not bad when you compare it to direct mailers, or other shared information.

About 43% of the people claimed to share "marketing-related" messages.

Let’s take this a step further to see the benefits to using email marketing as a business tool.

41% of the people will share with 1 to 3 other people, while 34% with 4 to 6 people. Only 13% will share with more than 7 people.

It is like word-of-mouth marketing. Rememebr when I told you that Blogging is like word-of-mouth? Sop make sure you keep an email campaign in your mix of marketing tools.

But be careful not to spam people, get permission first. It will keep your image and branding at the top when you get permission.

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