How To Create Affordable Web Site Marketing

If you don’t have a web site marketing strategy, then it’s time to sit down and write one. You can’t do affordable web site marketing without a pr marketing strategy plan. To help you get started, let me provide you these tips.affordable web site marketing

1- Is Your Web Site Google Friendly? Since Google is the grandaddy of search engines, all others will follow this practice. Make sure the site is well designed. Not just with graphics, but well structured. That means all links are working, and pointing the the correct source that relates to the topic of your web page. Make sure it has ease of navigation for users.

2- Optimize from the inside out. More than just adding keywords and phrases. You need to research what are the best keywords for your market, product or service. This changes frequently, so make sure you update this information at least every quarter. Be sure that the title pages make sense. These should be part of your keyword strategy campaign.

3- Link relevance. Are the links to your site and from your site relevant? Just having hundreds of inbound links from sites that are not related to your site can lead to lower positioning on the search engines.Fewer higher ranked sites that link back are better than hundreds of low ranked sites.

These are just a few tips to get an affordable web site marketing campaign together. It will require some solid and serious commitment to maintain a web marketing strategy. Once you have this in place, then you can begin an aggressive pr marketing campaign that includes social networks, blog and podcasting as well as a publicity online press release and article campaign.

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