Link Your Site Before You Launch It

How to generate traffic

Sometimes it is difficult to explain to pr clients how to get more traffic to a company’s web site in these short blogs. The reason is that it takes more than just a few keywords or phrases embedded into the HTML codes. It requires a plan to get fully indexed and recognized by search engines (SEO).

For those of you who understand the behind-the-scenes, and for those who have a fair knowledge of web marketing, then this is for you.

Before launching your new web site, or your updated site, you need to make sure the following has been completed.

  • First, make sure your domain name is registered, or renewed
  • Review your home page and the other key pages, these could be up to 5 or 6 different pages
  • Make links to your page with other high ranking pages that are already indexed. This will give your site immediate recognition by the search engines
  • Develop a PR campaign with releases on your site. These can be releases that have been distributed to the media
  • START A BLOG SITE! Not that I haven’t said this a few times before, but a blog site with your company web site will build high rankings with search bots as they crawl the different sites and your links
  • Make sure you write articles that are relevant about your company, the products or services you offer. Write articles about topics that you can later submit to other Ezines

One last item for this blog. Get links from other indexed sites to your company site. That completes the cycle.

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