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As I continue with blogging for my site and my clients, I realize that finding the right blog sites to collect information about an industry, or product is a major task.

I decided to surf the Internet and look for good blog sites. It happens that I came across Lee Odden’s blog site where he mentioned that you can  "vote" for your favorite blog site.

Although I’m not that interested in voting, he also provided additional information about Search Engine blogs.

If you want to vote then you need to visit the KBCafe Blog Award site. It has all kinds of blogs that range from food, to sports like Hockey to political issues sites.

Lee gives locations for 3 search engine blogs that I thought were helpful. One in particular is Search Engine Marketing Blog.

If you are hungry for more search engine blogs, then you need to visit Search Engine Roundtable. It will satisfy your hunger.

I thought it was interesting to see what google has listed if you type "seo blog". Well, Lee already had a link to this saving me some time. Google listed over 8 million sites. That’s just too many for me.

You can now see that a lot of information on seo blogging is available. Almost too much to read.

So have fun looking for something that might interest you. And while you’re at it, remember that you can do Marketing for your company with this reasearch.


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