Choose Your Words Wisely For Web Sites

Writing for Publicity and Web Sites is different

Writing press releases and brochure textYes, this may seem obvious. Yet is it a common mistake all pr clients and writing professionals make. When you write a press release, or a web page the text should be written differently. After saying this, will you agree that writing for a brochure is also different than writing for a web site or web page?

Pr clients and professional agencies sometimes think writing is all the same and anyone can do it. Wrong! It takes a different style, and discipline of writing for brochures, ads, sales materials, press kits, articles and web pages, even blogs. Let me give you an example.

People who pick up a publication will probably read an entire article, especially if it is of interest. The same is true for a company brochure. When you open a web page about that same company, you will most likely pick up snippets of information, glance over images and subheads, just to get a brief understanding of the company.

That is why every word is important on a web site. Clients want to always “say” and "sell everything" on their site. "Tell the customer all they need to know", is what one client told me. Well, that won’t close the deal, nor get them interested in contacting you any further!

Always provide the reader the benefits of your product or service at the beginning of your text. Then move into how your company can improve or help them.

If you understand the habits of people when they use different materials to collect information, then you can become a better writer, and more than likely, you might just pick up another client.

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Regal Medical Group Chooses Carson

Medical account sees positive marketing

Not very often do we get the opportunity to shout and let the world know of our new accounts. But this was one we need to mention.

Regal Medical GroupRegal Medical Group is a new company that offers the services to its doctors and patients’ bringing them health plans and government programs for better family healthcare.

As we do with all new accounts, we had a fact-finding meeting to review the goals and objectives with the different marketing and publicity strategies to make "positive things happen" for Regal Medial Group. Priority for the company was to develop several brochures for the doctor’s directories for the different regions in Orange County, CA. The challenge was to meet a rigid deadline. It was successful and we did it all in record time, and within budget.

The medical program has quickly grown and now we are developing literature for the Inland Empire. Regal Medical is having us work closely with them to identify the best marketing and pr strategies to target their audience.

I’m telling you these things, because it is great when clients fully trust your input and work together as part of an overall team. It is this open relationship, which we started from our first meeting that will have positive impacts on both sides.

We will be working on all areas of web marketing, publicity, direct mail, incentive programs, literature and marketing.

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