Social Networking Is Changing How We Search

SEO’s Conference says change is happening

It was long when I told you that the next major area of Internet Search was going to be in the "social search’. This was recently discussed as being true at  "The Search Evolution: How Social Search is Changing All the Rules" conference in New York.

social searchesA lot was mentioned on how this social search will affect the SEO’s and the users of search. One statement was made that  "social search is simply an extension of social media as we know it today".  The article went on to say "Today’s method of matching interest to action and the content includes weighing link popularity of websites and determining a relative ranking of said content".

This means that pr clients, ad agencies, pr professions and all publicity needs to take a serious look as to how this change can affect their markets and how it will also affect their pr programs.

Marketers and pr clients need to think beyond the search box. It is falling back to branding, the building of your brand.

Just as I have said before, the YouTube and other blog sites are shaping this social network and it is now changing how all people view things and clients products. Publicity is not a stand alone item. Neither is marketing, or web site marketing. All of these must work together in order to become successful and to build a brand.

If you don’t want to believe this, then sit and wait. As you begin to see your market share slip, and competitors move ahead of you because you thought this was another fad, then start looking for another job or career.

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