Blogging or Press Releases, which is better?

With all the activity and “publicity” that business blogging has received this past year, pr clients, and publicity professionals are clamoring to get a blog site for themselves and companies. Is having a business blog the best choice or just a publicity campaign the way to go?

Good question, but there isn’t one answer. First you need to do some soul searching about what it is you arebusiness blogging, blog sites trying to achieve. If you are a pr client that has a product to launch, or a service to promote, then a publicity campaign is what you need. With that said, let’s back up a second. Keeping in mind that publicity press releases are good, an article is best. Look at your pr marketing strategies that you are developing. While you may not get an article in a publication, or it may be a few months before that reporter gets your article published, then consider incorporating a business blog site to further the exposure. The blog will also get you noticed sooner. And you have more control as to what can be said. Unlike an ad, you don’t want your business blog site to be all commercial. Keep to the facts, make it interesting and give some examples as to why this new product can improve things like a person’s lifestyle, or a company’s profits. Basically, make it productive, not a sales pitch.

This brings us back to creating a solid pr marketing strategy for your pr client, or company. Make sure that your pr marketing strategies include a well-planned publicity campaign. This should consist of a business blog, a promotional program, a series of press releases and an article that can be submitted to reporters, editors and publishers in your industry. I read an article called “Is your press release passive?” Other tips on good pr writing can be found at their main site. This touches on a few important issues in writing releases. This can also be a simple guide in writing your blog for that new product or service. business blogging, blog sites

So what have you learned in this blog? Hopefully that a business blog is as important as your publicity campaign. Ok, I need to now explain that just having a blog on the web doesn’t get you noticed. It requires a lot of backend marketing. A couple of years ago, a simple blog site was all you needed and it got a lot of attention. Today, you need to market your business blog site. That brings me to our company, Carson Marketing, Inc. We can market your business blog site. If you do not have a business blog, then we can help put your company into the blog sphere so that you get noticed. Give us a call. We’re just 10 numbers away at 949-477-9400 to making you a successful blogger.

Web Traffic, How To Get More

A lot of companies are offering solutions to increase web traffic, but which one is right for your company?

Today all companies need to have a web site presence. Not just a single page, but someting that is attractive, informative and entertaining. But that alone isn’t going to bring you customers. What you need to do is think about PR Marketing Strategies. Once your web site was built, you then were told; a) is it “optimized”?, b) do you have the right “keywords, key phrases“?, c) and did you place the right “titles” in your pages?, d) did you submit your site to the seo’s?

Those questions alone makes you wonder what to do next. Then you come across a bunch of other people saying that you need to “market” your web site. Especially if you build an eCommerce web site which needs marketing strategies that will increase web traffic.

So what are the answers to having a successful eCommerce, or traditional web site? This is not a single answer solution. You should have an on-going web marketing plan. It needs to consist of a solid PR marketing stratey that includes all of the above mentions items, keywords, keyphrases, titles, and most important, links to revelevant sites.

Incorporating PR marketing strategies can build your company’s image, increase awareness and above all increase traffic to your web site. Our company has been making great things happen for our clients since 1980. We understand what PR marketing strategies are about. We know that publicity is an important key to a successful campaign. And we belive that a “business blog site” is an important element to making your buisness a success.