Your Marketing Plan needs a Marketing Strategy

When a PR Client asks us to develop a marketing plan, we begin by understanding their core business.

That may sound obvious, but in the life of B2B clients, and B2 Consumers, it is the main ingredient that is put aside as to say, “we know what we do”. Not always, because as amarketing strategy company matures, or reaches different levels in its lifecycle, they tend to go into new directions. This can be a good thing, but unless you know where your core business is, how can a pr client, or any company develop a solid marketing strategy?

There are two main components, according to Michael Porter’s book, Competitive Advantage, they are:

• How your enterprise will address the competitive marketplace

• How will you implement and support your day to day operations

These are simple in terms, but can go much deeper. We dig deep into the marketing strategy to make sure it has a solid foundation before implementing. When creating a marketing strategy, you need to consider many factors. These can vary from the common sense, to more complex. Here are a few to consider:

If your market is very active, you need to make sure that you support your offerings, that is if your company is strong in the industry

On the other hand, if you are weak in your industry, you need to build on strengthening the position by developing offerings that will gradually build a solid position

Establish an effective marketing and sales effort if the market is weak. Now you need to choose a strategy after identifying these. Some may include: A Cost Leadership Strategy, A Differentiation Strategy, and finally a Focus Strategy. To go deeper and explain these I would need a lot more writing and this would be a long article. I prefer you either read Mr. Porter’s book, or call Carson Marketing, Inc. Either way, you will learn a lot about how to establish a solid marketing Plan that includes solid marketing Strategies in order to reach the next level in your business.

How To Make a Better Image

Know your core strengths

A new client called us to help them create and improve their company’s image. This is a typical call for us. For over 25 years we have been helping clients like this re-position themselves through a branding program.

Our team of strategists and designers are already working on the client’s campaign.

We will begin with a corporate brochure that will include several insert sheets for them to distribute at upcoming trade shows.

The logo is a well recognized image and we prefer to use the existing design. What was missing was a coordinated effort of the parent name with all the other brand names that the company has acquired over the past few years.

At this time I cannot reveal the name of this company, but they are in the food business and have good consumer recognition, it just hasn’t been positioned properly to compete with other industry companies.

As we are developing the plan, the client has immediate needs. That’s why we are working on the collateral materials. We have the "core" program in mind and are using this to work from. All other campaign elements such as pr, marketing and ads, will use the core identity as the common thread to establish the branding and positioning.

Sometimes a company needs to be reminded what their main (core) business is all about. Too often, as companies grow, or aquire others, they loose sight of their main business. This usually causes a decline in sales and reduced market share.

Need help in establishing a branding program? We’re here to help you as we have for dozens of clients for the past 25+ years. Call us, and we’ll show you how to make a better image.

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