Building Web Links with Publicity

This topic can never get enough attention. The problem with web marketing, or pr marketing strategies, there are too many books, sources and people offering information and you just cannot absorb all that great stuff.

Sometimes we need to go outside for web marketing help. Even PR Clients ask us to do their web marketing knowing they cannot keep the pace and keep up with the many changes the Internet encounters almost weekly. If you are looking to do some of the web site marketing in-house, then go to sources that can guide you along. If you get too deep in this stuff, I strongly recommend sourcing this out.

One particular person who is very helpful is Aaron Wall. He is an expert on SEO and does seminars all around the country. His SEO Book is an excellent read, but again, not for the novice. PR agencies as well as pr clients doing their own pr marketing strategies, should also consider contacting a professional to get the web marketing program started. Then once implemented, you can maintain the program yourself.

His book and tips concentrate on Links. How to create them and how to get them. Sounds easy, and in a way it is. But like any project, you need to devote the time necessary to really benefit from a web marketing program. Publicity alone, and having web site alone cannot generate sales. You need to have solid pr marketing strategy to make things happen. And that’s another subject I will talk about later.